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Live 1:1 interaction

Select the right mentor from list of suggestions and we will arrange an one to one interaction. 

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Finding the right mentor is not easy so Olyye provides a plethora of options to choose from.

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Our AI always finds the right mentor for you. But as a customer-first company, we will give a full return on any dissatisfaction.

Team Meeting

How it works!

Connect to your dream mentor in six simple steps.


We need you to register with us for a personalized experience and exclusive recommendations.


Tell us what you are looking for and your requirements. It will help our AI to apply precise predictions.


We will provide a list of mentors who are suitable for your requirement. You choose the best.

Book Time

Book a slot from the available dates and times with the mentor. Set the priority and we will arrange the call.


Click on the link provided to you and say Olyye to your mentor. Ask anything or clarify your doubts. 


Rate your experience and give feedback. If not happy Olyye will do a full refund. You matter to us.

Happy Stories

I wanted to get into the MS program in the USA in a good college and I knew it is not that easy. After being cheated by a few consulting firms I finally decided to talk to a few seniors! Tried everywhere including LinkedIn, Email, Telegram, WhatsApp but no result. Thanks to Olyye, I found the right person from my shortlisted college who guided me for almost everything and now I am an MS student in an Ivy League college. Thanks, Olyye!



I used the Olyye service for the first time and I must say, it met my expectations. I wanted to pursue a Ph.D. in the USA and contacted over 8 Ph.D. students on this platform. It made my choices so easy and vivid. Olyye should reach more students.

Jsmine Lorrence


Less price and the best consultation was my expectation in a platform. That’s what I got from Olyye. I was able to complete my university project by spending $15. What else do I need?

Jesse Stephen


Pay as you use!

Below prices are discounted up to 20% as a new user. Prices are dynamic and can change in the future.

$15 for 15 mins

Sufficient for most people if you know what to ask and how to ask.

$25 for 30 mins

Made for professionals with more queries. 

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